Friday, September 26, 2014

Math Fluency

Are you wondering how you can work on math fact fluency at home? I posted a link to the tens partners song on the last post, but there are several other songs that we use each day to get quicker with our math facts. The two below help us remember our doubles facts. Doubles are important to know quickly not only to solve problems with these numbers, but to also solve problems with nearby doubles later in the year. Your kids love these songs and even have motions, so practice them at home for some fun fluency work!

Doubles Facts 1-5

Doubles Facts 6-10

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day is a highlight of the year! I always love to meet the family members of your kids and let them show off all of their work! Here are a few snapshots from the day!

The kids made an iMovie for the grandparents! I'm hoping to get this up on the blog soon!

Reading journals to the grandparents!

Checking out the artwork created for the grandparents in the hallway!

Happy Earth Day!

Going green is a huge deal at Wooster Elementary. We are constantly talking about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also discuss other ways that we can take care of our earth at school and at home. So, when Earth Day comes around, it is a big holiday! Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the rotations we did during the day because it was so busy! However, I do have a few pictures of our awesome Earth Day snack!

We love the Earth cupcakes!

Non-fiction Challenge Reward Take 2!

After our first whole group non-fiction challenge, the kids were given individual challenges for the month of March. Each child, if they chose to participate, was challenged to read 3 non-fiction books and make an 80% or higher on the corresponding AR test. The kids kept up with their goal and were rewarded for their hard work if they met their goal! I was so proud of our class for having 13 students who met the goal! As a reward, we traveled out to Wooly Hollow State Park to see an animal skins and skulls presentation!

Learning about the animals found in the park.

Feeling the soft animal skins!

Congratulations to our non-fiction challenge winners!

Testing Bash!

The week of testing is always a challenge to survive, but Wooster Elementary always finds ways to make it through! This year the big kids in fourth and fifth grade made our first graders good luck signs and hung them in the hallway!

We also cheered on the big kids during their testing week at our annual testing bash! This year the high school drum line came and helped us celebrate!


If the kids have ever been interested in anything this year, it has been this study! Dinosaurs! Who doesn't love dinosaurs?? Our focus throughout this study was learning the differences between herbivores and carnivores.

After read several non-fiction books about dinosaurs, the kids drew pictures of food that "Carla Carnivore" and "Harriet Herbivore" would eat. They then got to "feed" the dinosaurs!

The kids said that Carla Carnivore would eat fish, other smaller dinosaurs, deer, etc.

Harriet Herbivore was said to eat flowers, leaves, trees, etc.

We also discussed the body types of carnivores and herbivores and how they are different. We learned that carnivores have sharped teeth and herbivores have flatter teeth. 

After studying the differences and similarities between the two types, we used a hands on experiment to make herbivore and carnivore teeth. We used salt dough to make our teeth.

The students got to choose if they wanted to make a herbivore tooth or a carnivore tooth.

Here is an example of a herbivore tooth.

Carnivore teeth were very popular!

After about a week of drying, we put the teeth on necklaces and wore them home!

Non-Fiction Challenge Reward

One of the biggest shifts in moving to Common Core is the increase in non-fiction texts. Students are now reading 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction throughout the year. This means that we have been much more intentional on teaching the students how to read non-fiction. We have also been providing them with many more opportunities to read non-fiction books. As we've presented them with this shift in literacy, we have set up some challenges for them! Our first challenge was a whole group challenge. As a class, we challenged ourselves to read 7 non-fiction books in the month of February and score at least an 80% or a 100% on the AR tests that went along with those books! We worked hard to meet our goal and were rewarded with a trip to the Faulkner County Library. Each child got their own library card and checked out books.

Listening to story time.

Touring the library and seeing all that it has to offer!

Checking out where the books are returned.

As I was touring the library with the kids I noticed this classic! I used to love checking this book out from the library!

Reading in a cool hideaway!

Searching for books to check out.

Using their cards to check out books!

Be sure to return your child's books to the Faulkner County Library :)